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  • 01 Sep 2017 8:47 AM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    Introducing the Infinite Child

    If you have heard rumors that Rabbi David and Cantor Lee have been putting blindfolds on children, yes, they are true! It is actually part of our new program, the Infinite Child Institute where children are taught focusing and mindfulness techniques. The results of the program thus far are not only interesting but enormously exciting!

    Not only are children having an easier time learning and reading Hebrew (as one student put it, “it was magic when I had to practice for my Bat Mitzvah the next day!”) but they are also improving in secular school subjects as well as having  transformative changes socially and emotionally. 

    Just to prepare you, the next sentence may be initially difficult to fathom…With training the children are actually able to see and read while wearing the blindfold as well as perform other activities such as coloring, doing a puzzle or walking around the room! It seems we all have the ability to use our inner eyes, our Infinite Light Vision. It is just that we were never taught or encouraged to use this sacred  gift of our inner sight.

    As people learn of our work with the Infinite Child program, it has been interesting to observe the gamut of reactions which range from utter amazement to total disbelief! We sometimes think we can in a small way relate to Abraham’s feelings with bringing the idea of monotheism into the world. Not only did he declare that there is only one G-d but this included the difficult perception that this One G-d is invisible! 

    But Abraham as the first Hebrew (the term Jew wasn’t in use yet) crossed over into a new realm of consciousness, a new way of being. The word Hebrew actually means to “cross over.”  For the last 3000 years the Jewish people have crossed over into many new realms of consciousness, bringing to the world revolutionary ideas such as justice for all, caring for the helpless, for animals and for our environment as well as repairing the world  through acts of good deeds.

    Even Congregation Shirat Shalom when it was first conceived over twenty years ago crossed over from the status quo with our own revolutionary ideas. And one of those ideas was that the main focus would be the children. We somehow understood at the deepest levels that it is our children who will create a world of Peace and Love. 

    Perhaps they are beginning to create it right now. For as these Infinite Children show us what we perceive as impossible really is possible, we too cross over into a new realm of consciousness.  And with this new way of being, of believing our possibilities are unlimited, a world of Peace and Love doesn’t seem too far away! 

    May it be soon....

    Rabbi David and Cantor Lee

    Infinite Child Institute

    In this video a seventh grader has reached the stage of reading blindfolded. 

  • 11 Jan 2017 9:25 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    Anyone who has ever heard my cat,  Keshet Star, express herself knows she can be quite vocal! Under her tutelage (she prefers  I learn through the trial and error method) I have pretty much figured out what most of her sounds mean such as: "I like my water fresh!"  "When you sit down to eat that means put more food in my bowl even if it is already full!" "Come help me! I have a lizard cornered!" "Time to pet me so stop what you are doing!"  I  have also learned that  her spinning dance around the house with  accompanying cat chant is for the purpose of transmuting energy.

    But a few weeks ago when she awakened me with a most plaintive cry,  I was at a loss as to what she was trying to communicate.  Since it was  4:30 a.m. (yes 4:30 a.m. - sigh...) and  I certainly didn't want to disturb my husband,  I dragged myself out of bed.  "What is it Keshet? Do you need more food?  Is your water bowl empty?"

    She seemed quite pleased I was now awake and attending to her needs but not so afterwards when I returned to the bed. Still trying to avoid waking my husband, I took her into the guest room.  She was happy with this arrangement and let me go back to sleep. But an hour later she woke me up with the same cry!  Still half asleep I made plans to later take her to the vet  but how was I to help her now! Soon the whole neighborhood would be knocking on my door!  

    Somehow the thought came to radiate Love from my heart and send it to her so  I began doing so and within  a few seconds she stopped! Now I was really awake. Was this a coincidence?

    She seemed fine for the rest of the morning so I decided to wait with the vet idea. But later in the afternoon  she again began  emitting  "the cry!" As I did in the morning I  radiated Love to her and once again she stopped  within  a few seconds!  Over the next few days this became  a game we intermittently played. Cry-Send Love, Cry-Send Love, Cry-Send Love!

    But one day the technique didn't work and  she continued with "the cry!"  After realizing  I hadn't been in a peaceful state and truly in my heart,  I tried again. This time it worked!

    I have become more cognizant of this simple tool  we all naturally have that can be used for any situation difficult or otherwise.  Especially on my walks as I used to do, I have gone back to radiating Love to the trees, the sky, the water....everyone I meet along the way! And since all that  Love is returned to me,  you can just imagine how uplifting that feels!

    Keshet hasn't emitted "the cry" in weeks so she must be happy with me  her student.  I am certainly happy she is my teacher!  

    I  think I will radiate some Love to tell her so!

    And after that  I will ask her what grade I received...Hope she gave me an "A!"

    Radiating Love

    There are so many ways to radiate Love!  Here is a simple technique I teach to parents:

    1. Set the intention you will Radiate Love from your Heart.
    2. Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes.
    3. Take four slow breaths in and out. Feel as though you are breathing into your heart.
    4. Think of someone you deeply Love such as your child or pet.
    5. Focus on that warm feeling inside your heart.
    6. Radiate that feeling outwards and send it to your Loved One.
    7. You may wish to imagine there are beams of Light radiating from your heart.
    8. You may wish to add the silent words "I Love you, " or even visualize them written. (I like to use the Hebrew word for Love which is Ahavah) 
    9. However you radiate Love is just purr....fect!

    Love,  Lee &  Keshet  


  • 01 Dec 2016 6:59 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    While I was out of town recently, an  adorable 11 year old  took care of my cat,  Keshet Star.  She was so thrilled with the gift I brought her,  "Worry Dolls!"  We read the instructions together which say to tell each doll a worry and then put them under your pillow. The next morning the worries will be gone!  "This is perfect," she exclaimed! "'Cause I worry a lot!" 

    After  she excitedly showed her mother the dolls,  the mother then shared the bedtime ritual they have each night.  The daughter tells her mother all the things that bothered her during the day. The daughter continued," I just need my mom to say, "it is okay" or "yes" and I feel better. I don't have it inside me anymore."  She looked  at her mother and continued,   "and even when my mother isn't really listening and just says, "hmmmm",  it doesn't even matter, I still feel better."  Her mother answered with such Love, "But I am always listening, even when you think I am not!"

    My heart was so touched by this love exchange, with  knowing this child is growing up with such an amazing gift of  being able to hand over her worries!  As I went on my walk the next day I thought, "what a different world it would be if all children could just hand over their worries. If adults could.... "

    We actually have numerous tools to release our worries. Whether we use worry  dolls, meditation,  journaling (my practice)  or even a hot bath, all can "clear us out" allowing for  a peaceful night.

    In Judaism  there is even a set of prescribed prayers called the Bedtime Sh'ma.  There are many variations but my favorite begins with a prayer of forgiveness for those who have hurt us and includes calling on the Archangels to guard us as we sleep. Here is a   variation on  youtube used in summer camps.    

    And of course, according to our belief system,  we can always call on the Archangels, our Guides,  Guardian Angels,  Mother Earth,  Higher Beings, Higher Self,  G-d..... 

    For just like a loving mom, they  too are always standing by,  listening,  ready to take our worries. We just need to set the intention by asking and then  hand them over!

    Sweet Dreams Dear Reader!  May we all have  Peaceful Nights!  


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  • 27 Sep 2016 2:53 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    It was during a gathering that Karen (name changed) excitedly told me she had another story to tell me. She began by saying, "Even my husband said,  you have to tell Lee, you have to tell Lee!"  I laughed understanding  that it was one of 'those stories'  having to do with the Workings of the Universe!

    She continued, "But, first here is some background.  When I was in Hebrew School in third  grade and  asked to share the story of who I was named after,  I decided my story was a 'stupid story!'   I was actually named after my great uncle Maurice  Kaman but my parents couldn't find a name they liked that began with an "M. "  They decided instead to give me a name that began with a "K" after my uncle's last name.   (It is customary among many Jewish families that a baby is named after a deceased relative.)

    My teacher insisted I should get the correct story from my parents as no one is named after a  'last name!'  I decided right then and there that although my story was true, it was a 'stupid story!  I  never shared my 'stupid story' again and actually didn't even remember it  until I was in the cemetery! "

    As Karen continued the  chills were very busy in my body. She had been on a trip with her son to tour  colleges and next on the itinerary was her hometown to visit the University of Rochester.  As they were driving  they came across a huge cemetery that Karen didn't even know existed! Her son, always the explorer,  used his teen powers of persuasion to   convince his mother it would be a cool adventure it they drove through it.  And what an amazing adventure it turned out to be!    

    As they were driving her son called out, "Look, over there, a tombstone with our  family name! Maybe one of our relatives is buried there!"  Karen really didn't want to stop and told her son it was very unlikely. But he was so excited she agreed to let him investigate.  (At this point in the story she paused to tell me, "You probably know where this  is going... ")

    (Dear Reader, you probably know where the story is going now as well!)  As it turned out, the grave did belong to one of her relatives,  her  great uncle Maurice Kaman! The very same uncle Karen was named after!  It was actually a double grave he shared with his wife. Right next to it was a second grave belonging to Maurice's sister,  Sally, and her husband.  Karen's mother was named after Sally. 

     The beautiful energy from Karen's story was so strong at this point, that tears began to flow from my eyes.  She told me, "I guess the story of my name isn't a stupid one, anymore!"  As I hugged her I answered, "The story of your name is such a Beautiful One that the universe wanted to make sure you realized it!"

    Afterwards Karen and her son learned more about Mount Hope Cemetery which sits adjacent to the University of Rochester on 196 acres! Built in 1838 it is still  an active cemetery with over 350.000 graves and also functions as a public park and wildlife sanctuary.

    As Karen continued to describe  her experience that day  I just continued to listen, once again in awe of how the universe brings us its messages of Love!  

    What were the  chances that Karen and her son would stumble upon the cemetery, that her son would spot the tombstone while driving, that it could even be seen from the road! That these two graves would be the only ones in the cemetery belonging to her relatives. That the name of the cemetery would be Mount Hope...

     Karen told me later, "The cemetery has over 350.000 graves and 15 miles of roadway. I couldn't have found someone if I were actually looking for them!...The thing I don't have the words to convey is the massiveness and beauty of this cemetery,  like nothing I have ever seen. People were walking and   jogging and cycling through when we were there on a summer afternoon. It was such a juxtaposition of life,  of people exercising, birds chirping, chipmunks and gophers getting very close to us,  all within a cemetery!   

     Thank you Universe for turning  a 'stupid story'  into a Beautiful one! It certainly has turned out to be a Beautiful Story all around!  

  • 15 Jun 2016 4:28 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    Like so many others,  my heart stopped when I first learned about the Orlando Shooting in a Gay nightclub on Sunday,  June 12th.  I quickly checked my inner guidance. Were both my daughter and daughter in law okay? They are often in Orlando and also perform their fire spinning program in night clubs.

    Although my intuition reassured me, I still texted my daughter. Were they both alive and well?  The answer came back  "Alive and Well" along with a question about her blood type so she could donate to the blood bank.  

    Relieved,  I then pondered why this happened during the holiday of Shavuot when Jews celebrate the giving of the Torah to Moses on Mt. Sinai.  During the first night of Shavuot which began sundown on Saturday, many Jews throughout the world gather together and stay up the entire night studying Torah. The shooting began at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday morning when much Light was being released into the world from this sacred Torah study.

    The next day, I had even more to ponder when  I realized that 49 people had been murdered.  With the shooter being killed there were 50 people who had died! These are the same numbers that are associated with Shavuot!

    The Hebrew word "Shavuot"  actually translates as "Weeks" as there are seven weeks or 49 days of preparation beginning right after Passover for each one of us to receive the Light of the Torah on Shavuot.  

    We follow a seven week program of self reflection and improvement.  Each day for 49 days we focus on a different aspect of ourselves connected to the Sefirot which are part of the mystical teachings of the Kabbalah. We  basically bring to the surface hidden or darker parts of ourselves. With the release and healing of these aspects we prepare ourselves to hold an increased amount of Light from the Torah which we will receive on Shavuot, the 50th day.

    But seeing these correspondences didn't give me answers I could give to my daughter  when I finally spoke to her on Tuesday. She was in the midst of grieving for her community, for her friends who lost loved ones, for the hatred that had surfaced.

    I could only listen with my heart knowing that much darkness has been brought to the surface for us to all heal together.  And the only way I believe that can happen is through Love.  

    During our conversation my daughter shared that she has recently been spending time each day sending Love to various people, even with those where there is friction.   It seems that as a result she has experienced many  random acts of kindness including strangers buying her coffee, giving her gift cards, even unexpected gifts.  We discussed how sending Love has changed her energy field as well as everyone she encounters.

     On Sunday  the day of the shooting, my daughter posted on her facebook page,

    "So sad and confused. My heart goes out to everyone coping. But don't allow this to restore your fear. Both fear and faith are belief in the unknown. Choose wisely.

     LOVE, Not Hate."

    It is only now as I write that I realize that 49 adds up to 13 which is the numerical value of "Ahavah,"  the Hebrew word for Love!

    It seems Love has been the message all along....

  • 24 May 2016 3:35 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    I recently had one of those kinds of experiences that I will always remember.

    It actually began on a Friday evening, April 8th, during a Kabbalat Shabbat service. (Welcoming the Shabbat.) I was asked to put one of our members on the list for healing but didn't know the reason why. During the healing prayer (MiSheberach)  I made sure to focus on her.

    In speaking to the member afterwards I learned that she had an infected cyst on her back that was quite serious. We were both in awe that Rabbi David  had talked about the Biblical and spiritual view of skin disease that evening as it was the subject of that week's Torah portion, Tazria. We both agreed this was  definitely not just a coincidence!

    The next morning 13 of us from our Torah Study Group met for our bi-monthly Shabbat Circle.  We were  also bringing blessings for our hosts' new salt water pool. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we decided to have our prayer circle outside on the patio. As is our custom, when it came time to read from the Torah, we gathered around the table making sure we were all connected to each other by the tallitot,  prayer shawls we were wearing and sharing.

    I stood right beside Rabbi David. I was holding onto the bottom part of the eitz chayim,  the wooden rollers,  with one hand and  saw that the woman with the skin infection was right across from me holding onto one of the wooden rollers as well.  As soon as Rabbi David chanted the first Hebrew word of the Torah portion a huge energy burst out! It was so strong that it pushed me back and I momentarily lost my balance. I quickly grounded myself as the chanting of the Torah portion  continued.   

    Afterwards without telling him why, I asked Rabbi David if he felt anything when he first began chanting and he said, yes, there was a burst of energy. I then asked the woman with the skin infection. She  told me that the energy went through the wooden roller up her arm and settled right on the infection.  She also knew beforehand that she needed to be connected to the Torah and made sure to hold onto one of the rollers. As the evening before, we were both in so much awe!

    Later on as I pondered all this further I understood that the Light contained in the words discussing skin problems is specifically meant to help heal skin disease. With the energy of our group and the intentions for healing the Light in the words was able to be released.

    On June 11th at sundown Jews celebrate Shavuot, the giving of the Torah to Moses on Mt. Sinai. May we all, no matter our religion or beliefs,  receive the ongoing blessings of the Torah! 

  • 09 Mar 2016 1:44 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

    Recently the local public schools participated in "Pink Shirt Day" to stand up to bullying. I loved seeing all the "pink shirts" as the children  arrived for our weekly afternoon Hebrew School! I explained to the children that the color pink also represents unconditional Love.  

    As is our ritual each week during prayers the children decide where we will send Healing Light and planned that this time it would be Pink Light for anyone who is being bullied.  As we discussed further, many of the children shared their own stories of being bullied  and how they are still affected by the experience. So the Pink Light would be for them too! 

    We also discussed that although bullying cannot be tolerated,  bullies  are in need of our prayers as well, for deep inside it is this unconditional Love that they too are seeking.  As the children and teachers sent Pink Light out into the universe there was, as always,  a beautiful feeling of Sacredness and Peace that filled the room.  

    This particular day the thought also crossed my mind of how everyone in the middle school where we lease classroom space would also benefit from the Light our children anchor when we are there.        

    Later that evening I received a message that one of our young mothers was bullied by another adult as she was dropping her children off for our Hebrew School.  She was shocked by the experience and I was shocked just hearing it! It was truly an "uncalled for" case of bullying. We took appropriate measures to prevent further encounters with this person who is associated with the public school.  

    Afterwards when digesting the story I wanted to understand it  on a spiritual, energetic level.  The mother and I had already come to the conclusion that the full parking lot due to a playoff  basketball game was a contributing factor in triggering this person.   

    But why did this happen on "Stand up to Bullies Day? " Did the energy of the day  specifically bring out this person's inner bully?  And why was this parent singled out? Even she was surprised as she has never had a similar kind of experience.

    As I went within I was given the answer that as a Lightworker, I was being asked to send Unconditional Love and Light to the person who did the bullying. I was also shown the vision of the wicked witch in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz being melted by water. This increased my understanding as water in the Kabbalah and other spiritual traditions represents the Divine Feminine - Love.  

    And so I have been adding the person to my daily prayers with the understanding that without knowing what is dark, how can we send it Light? Although I am sorry the young mother had the bullying experience I also know she was used as an instrument to yes,  trigger the person's inner bully. As I told her, G-d knew she was strong enough to recover from the incident.

    Later I was curious how "Pink Shirt Day"  originated and discovered it began with an incident in 2007 in Canada when a high school student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Two students took matters in their own hands and the following morning handed out 50 pink shirts to fellow students to wear. Some students came to school already dressed head to toe in pink! The school was full of Pink that day and full of Love for the bullied student.  

    I wonder whatever happened to the student who did the bullying. Maybe his inner bully has since been transformed and he too wears pink every year on Pink Shirt Day! But whatever he is doing now, we owe him much gratitude for being a catalyst to help us stop bullying by bringing  more Love into our world! 

  • 04 Feb 2016 9:59 AM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

     It took me some time before I understood why my cat, Keshet came into my life.  She first showed up at my door the summer of 2014, Aug. 5th to be exact and began taking the necessary steps to adopt me! The last time I had cats was over 25 years ago, so you could say I was a newbie.  Keshet made sure to train me in her ways. She would stay outside most of the day and then come in at night. It took a month until I learned what she wanted to be called.  Keshet means Rainbow in Hebrew. Her full name is "Keshet Star."

    A few weeks after we settled into our routine she began to appear in some of my daily prayer/meditations and I knew she was helping me with my healing work. One day I specifically went to her and told her I needed her help with a long distance healing session for my daughter.  Afterwards I went into another room to lie down and prepare for the session.  As soon as I began a few minutes later she came in to lie down also, right on my chest!  She stayed there until I finished.

    Keshet will often make sure she comes into the house when I am doing a healing session and also when I need balancing.  On one recent occasion when I was processing some personal fears she nestled herself  right on my solar plexus and stayed there for an hour! I knew she was transmuting the fears for me! She will also wake me up sometimes in the middle of the night when I need to remember a dream or receive a message from Above.

    You would think as a healing cat. Keshet would be very loving with everyone. But she is very particular as to who is allowed to pet her and the list is not very long! I guess as  such a powerful healer she is allowed to have her idiosyncrasies!   

    Thank you for letting me share my journey  with you!!  Love, Lee 


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