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Welcome to Connection to Healing!

You are about to experience a life changing modality!  Connection to Healing, home to the Infinite Child Institute, provides tools and classes to enable children and adults to transform every area of their lives. Whether you are here for yourself, your child  or a loved one, Welcome! 

Connection to Healing incorporates energy healing techniques along with teaching spiritual tools to help children and adults remove blockages and receive healing in order to move forward with their lives. 

We are a growing population here on Mother Earth and part of that growth is in the ability to connect to the spiritual energies made available to us from the Divine Light. Through Connection to Healing and the Infinite Child Institute, children and adults not only learn to re-connect to this Universal LIght but become empowered to transform their lives. 

It isn't an accident that you are here... Come join us! 

What happens during a "Connection to Healing" Session?

A "Connection to Healing" session is divided into two parts and is approximately 1 hour. 

Part 1:

First Lee will ask what you would like to work on. The answer can be very brief such as a relationship, worry, painful back, financial situation etc. or more details can be given. The most important aspect is that you are clear in your mind with what you would like to improve or heal in your life. Lee will then connect to Higher Guidance to discover and release the energy block that is contributing to the problem. You may feel something release such as a weight being taken off your shoulders or you may feel nothing at all. 

Sometimes it takes a few days for any effects to be felt and they may be subtle. People will often say, "I can't explain it, but something is different!"

Part II:

Lee will conduct an energy healing session for balancing and further healing. Lee will connect to "Healing Energy" and then transmit this sacred energy to you through her hands and heart and sometimes through her voice. This is a very relaxing experience. People often feel as though they are floating or that calming waves are going through their body.

What is an Energy Block?

An energy block is a ball, knot or mass of energy that becomes embedded in the energy field or aura that surrounds your physical body. If the energy isn't released in a timely manner it becomes lodged in the tissues of the physical body and can cause disease. Other words used to describe these blocks are emotional baggage, issues, stress, negative stored emotions and limited beliefs.

Energy blocks often become embedded in our bodies at a very young age and are through no fault of our own! Certain situations may trigger them later on in life. For example, a two year old may witness a fight between his parents over money and absorb the emotion of conflict into his energy field. He has extreme anxiety over money as an adult which affects his financial decisions and even his ability to stay employed. Once the energy block is removed, there is no longer anxiety associated with money. He feels much more positive and improves his financial situation.

Energy blocks can also be inherited, absorbed while in the womb or even come from a past life. For example, a five year old child may begin to exhibit an extreme fear of water. The root cause of the fear comes from a great grandparent who almost drowned as a young adult and was triggered in the child during a family vacation at the ocean. The energy block is removed from the child along with the previous generations who transmitted the fear. The child once again enjoys water experiences.

Can Connection to Healing help with a disease?

Connection to Healing can help in any area of your life. In Spiritual or Energy Healing, pain or disease is seen as the body's way of getting your attention that something within you needs to be released. Connection to Healing can be especially helpful in conjunction with your regular medical treatment. People have found that a healing session not only helps with pain but that the body heals more quickly.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions needed depends on the individual. Many people have major results with one session. Sometimes more sessions are scheduled to work on additional issues. With deep issues also known as core issues, there are often related energy blocks and additional sessions are needed. Many people understand this as "peeling away the layers of an onion." Sessions can also be scheduled just to receive a "Spiritual Adjustment."

How do you work with children?

For a baby or child younger than 13 a parent can be used as a surrogate. The child may be present or stay at home. Lee can also work directly with the child. Children are usually very open to a connection to healing session. Lee will first release energy blocks from the parent that are affecting the child. During the balancing section, healing energy will be transmitted to both the parent and child.

For a teenager Lee may use the parent as a surrogate or work with the teen directly. This will depend on what will be best for the teen and family.

Can Connection to Healing help children with Special Needs or Autism? What about Indigo Children or Crystal children?

No matter the label, children are very open to "Connection to Healing" as they not only intuitively understand and feel energy but are often telepathic. Many of these children are here on earth, each bringing their own gifts, to help us all evolve and understand that Love takes precedence. Some of these children have a difficult time adjusting to the way we live and are sensitive to the environment, foods and "toxic" situations. Many have a great love for nature and animals and seem wise beyond their years. They know on a soul level they are here to help us and will often absorb family issues and will then exhibit fears, insecurities, anxieties and illness. Lee has a special gift for working with all children and is in awe herself of how "Connection to Healing" can make a difference in their lives.

Can Connection to Healing help with animals?

Connection to Healing also helps animals. Many animals will let Lee connect telepathically but sometimes insist their beloved human is used as a surrogate. As with children, animals often take on issues from the humans they love as they are trying to help. For example, a pet may have digestive problems as he wants to help his human with her anxiety and absorbs it into his own body. Animals are also affected by traumatic situations. For example, a dog sees another animal get hurt and begins urinating in the house. Through a healing session, the emotional trauma is released and things are back to normal.

How does a remote session work?

Connection to Healing can also be done remotely as energy can be transmitted over any distance. A remote or distance healing session can be scheduled for adults, children and animals. Lee will first speak to you on the phone or though video chat to do the initial releasing of energy blocks. You will then be asked to lie down while Lee sends you healing energy. A parent or relative can also be used as a surrogate for a child or animal.

How do I prepare for a Connection to Healing session?

To prepare for a Connection to Healing session, make a list of the issues you would like to work on and make sure to drink plenty of water before the session.

Do I need to do anything special after a Healing session?

After a Connection to Healing session, drink plenty of water for the next several days. Water helps to release the toxins that will continue to leave your body. Be sure to contact Lee with any questions or observations afterwards. Some people like to keep a journal as they notice changes in their lives and begin a Return to Wholeness.

Is Connection to Healing from a certain religion?

Connection to Healing is universal and can be found in the mystical teachings of all religions. It is a gift of Love. In the past only mystics had access to this gift. Now each one of us can receive this gift!

Does Connection to Healing only work for people who are open to it?

As a Connection to Healing facilitator, Lee does not do the actual healing. She opens the space and becomes a channel for the energy so you can do the healing yourself. Until you experience a session, it is only natural to be skeptical.

What really matters is if you are truly ready to move forward in your life.

Available Services

Parent/Child Sessions

Session $ 125.00

Adult or Teen Sessions

Session $125.00

Five Sessions

$ 555.00

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