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In Person Healing Session

I can't thank Lee enough for helping my daughter. For three years she has been terrified of flying bugs. Her fear disrupted our whole family!She would not participate in any outdoor activities, even going outside together in the car was a big deal. Working with Lee has allowed her to be in control of her fears and use her spiritual tools to deal with them! She now enjoys the outdoors again and when she gets scared, instead of running inside, she uses the tools Lee has taught her. I cannot thank her enough for restoring the peace to our family and giving my child the opportunity to enjoy being a kid! Bethe M. Spiritual Tools Class

Thank you for the amazing experience my daughter and I had in your class. I have experienced a true sense of forgiveness and acceptance I have searched for. It has allowed me the ability to focus on the positive memories. My daughter has also had an improved response to areas we worked on.We are looking forward to the next class to improve on what we have learned so far! Beth G Remote Healing Session & In Person Healing Session

Lee is amazing! She first began working with me when my entire hand had become swollen due to rheumatoid arthritis. Her distance healing not only took the pain away, but the hand was back to normal the next morning! In another session she helped me with severe anxiety due to much stress in my life. For the first time in months I was able to relax and enjoy my day! Wendy F. Florida

 In Person Healing Session

...I felt as though I was floating and kept seeing the color purple. Lee told me afterwards that purple was the color she was using during the session! Susan P. Florida

 Remote Session

I have been suffering for more than three years with severe hip pain.I have been treated by a family physician, an orthopedic specialist and a pain clinic...nothing ever really helped. I only had temporary relief at best. When Lee began to work on me, the change was unbelievable! Within minutes of the start of the session I felt a tingling all the way down my leg and instead of the intense pressure had been feeling on my left side, it suddenly felt light as a feather! I am so grateful to be out of pain for the first time in years! Thank you Lee! Carrie M. North Carolina

 Remote Healing Session

Lee and I have worked together for many years as spiritual teachers and facilitators. When I was afflicted with an outbreak of Shingles that covered my entire back and upper side, my level of pain and suffering was unbearable. While I worked on myself with all the spiritual modalities I have learned, there continued to be a high level of pain and discomfort.When Lee began sharing the 13 Octave LaHoChi method she was learning and training for, I was excited to have her practice it on me. Within a few minutes of starting our remote session, I could feel the energy enter through the right side of my body and move towards the most distressed areas.I am impressed and excited about this new level of understanding. Thank you Lee for not only sharing your own excitement with me but also allowing me to experience your work. I know that you will touch many lives with this modality of energy work.       Mary M. North Carolina

 Phone Healing Session

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your time, compassion and sage guidance during what was the most difficult period of my life. I think of you frequently with a great deal of affection. My path to recovery is so much more than I ever imagined! When I feel the need for strength, I wear a garment in the color of power red! Lisa F Oregon

 Remote Animal Healing Session

My dog was being treated by the vet for digestive problems but was so lethargic and sick he didn't even want to play or go outside. Right after Lee worked on him on him he ran outside and began barking at another dog! Within two weeks he was totally back to himself! Lee told me he that because he loved me so much he had taken on grief I was feeling at the loss of my mother. Wendy F. Florida

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