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Infinite Child Testimonials 


I am very grateful to Cantor Lee and Rabbi David for teaching my daughter, Megan Pinsker, about exploring mindfulness and cultivating her ILV, Infinite Light Vision.   After the first session, Megan was so excited to tell me about how she could see colors and pictures using her hands while wearing a blindfold over her eyes.   The third eye awareness created a calm within her and she is learning to tap into it during stressful times or daily challenges.  Cantor Lee also taught me how to communicate with my daughter more effectively by listening from the heart and expressing feelings from the heart.  This has improved our relationship especially during the early teenage years.  In today’s time of information overload, instant access to addicting cell phones, and the pressures of school demands and growing up, the Infinite Child class provides a great opportunity to teach your child to quiet his or her mind, center him or herself and to look within for answers rather than looking externally for validation.  I recommend this class with great enthusiasm and see it as a fun way to teach kids about the treasure of mindfulness.

Mary Ellen Pinsker, Board Certified Behavior Analyst


I am writing this as a testimonial for the wonderful work Cantor Lee Degani and Rabbi David Degani did with my daughter Marley Asbury.  They worked with Marley for 10 weeks teaching her how to do things using the light and her third eye.  She went each week and used a blindfold at each session.  She was able to read, see color, shapes, numbers, words and do puzzles while blindfolded.   We did not believe this until we showed up and actually watched her in action.  She proceeded to read a book while blindfolded, hold a paper and tell what color it was, see what shape or word was written on a paper while it was covered and do a puzzle using her light.

This was amazing to watch as we could not believe what we saw.  We were so excited about this that we invited the grandparents to come watch.  They were also amazed.  Marley did puzzles on her phone while blindfolded  at home.  This has helped her learn Hebrew at school and it comes a lot easier to her. She has used this ability at school to help her concentrate to find answers on tests at school.  We still are so amazed over this and it has to be seen to be believed!

We encourage anyone who has the opportunity to learn this and work with Cantor Lee and Rabbi David, you will not be sorry.

We want to thank the two of you for helping our daughter and will continue in the future. 

Marcy and Jason Asbury


I have known this 10 year old child since she was a baby doing Kindermusik classes with me and then as her teacher in Hebrew school starting in Kindergarten as well as a student in my keyboard/piano class.  She has always had a very positive, willing approach to learning even when it is difficult for her.   However,  I have noticed in these past few weeks her self-confidence has increased and not only can she remember what she previously learned but she is able to understand new concepts much more easily than before  

Susan Pavao,  Kindermusik with Miss Susan

Adult Volunteer

Lee, When I first heard about this concept of people being able to recognize colors, shapes, letters and words from close up to a distance of a room away with a wall between them and the object they were "seeing", while being blindfolded , I was interested, and somewhat thinking what type of new magic is this at the same time.

I volunteered to help you and Rabbi David, and the children. Then I saw it in action. The reaction of the children who still had to be trained, upon seeing the capabilities that could be unleashed with the proper training, was awesome.

Then we started and seeing children progress through the different stages which was very rewarding.

While working with one of the youngest children in the class,  I could sense the enjoyment he was getting from this experience. He was at a level where he was coloring in a book, with his blindfold on. He was coloring within the lines, selecting different colors and also doing some shapes within the picture. All the time he seemed to be smiling and really enjoying himself.

One of the children even checked her cellphone text while blindfolded.

The children are really a delight to see in action and it is really heartwarming to see and know that by teaching them to access their Infinite Light Vision, you are helping them and their families in many ways.

Morris Klevansky, President of Congregation Shirat Shalom



When I underwent training with Cantor Lee, she helped me see a world that I’d never noticed before. It was like she woke up a new part of me. The experience helped me gain better control of my senses and inner peacefulness. Afterwards I was happy and always very calm and at peace with the world. All in all, it was a very enlightening adventure I’d love to take part in again. 

12 year old student

 Children's  Observations 

"That was empowering!"  (after first session) 12 year old 

 "I am not as whiny when I have to wake up." 8 year old 

 "Reading is much easier for me now."   10 year old

 "I told my sister that she couldn't bother me  so she might as well stop."  10 year old

 "I wasn't scared before taking my test."  10 year old

 "I called on my light to help me with the test." 10 year old

 "I forgot to study so I called on my Light and I saw the answers faintly written on the test paper." 12 year old

 "I have an easy time now of making friends"  12 year old

 "People seem to be attracted to me." 12 year old

"I can see through my mask!" 6 year old

"It was like magic the day after!  I could remember the Hebrew line after just one time! I had an easier time focusing and studying for my test!" 13 year old

 "I got a 100 on my test in Math!"  11 year old

 "I don't feel as guilty about everything." 11 year old

Parent Observations 

After 5 weeks in program: 

1) I have noticed a decrease in her anxiousness when getting ready for her dance competitions. She seems to have a greater sense of calm and not as nervous before going on stage.

2) Madison has been practicing to perform her aerial ( no handed cartwheel) for many months, and during the past month she has demonstrated an increase in her focus during practice .  She achieved her goal two weeks ago and is able to do her aerial.

3) Madison had always had a flair for fashion and has frequently expressed an interest in designing clothing.  During the past few weeks , she has starting drawing designs of clothing and has even drawn a sketch of a dress  design for her Bat Mitzvah .

4) Madison has taken her FSA tests at school during the past two weeks and I  observed that she seemed less stressed and anxious compared to how she reacted last year to the testing.

Beth Ginsberg, Physical Therapist 

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