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The Infinite Child Institute teaches children that they are truly infinite with unlimited possibilities. One result of the program is children learn to read blindfolded as well as perform other activities such as putting together jigsaw puzzles, drawing, catching a ball and playing computer games all without using their physical eyes. Sounds unbelievable or miraculous? 

We actually all have this ability to use our Infinite Light Vision, ILV, and see without using our physical eyes. Since children have no pre-conceived notions they are more open to connecting to their Infinite Light and accessing a part of their brain that has been dormant.  Science tells us that we currently only use a fraction of our brain's capacity.    

Learning to read blindfolded is just one aspect of the program and is used as a tool to help children become transformed and empowered in every part of their lives with changes such as:      

Increased Mental Capacity

Improved Academic Performance

Increased Memory and Creativity

Healing of Anxieties and Fears  

Improved Behavior

Improved Social Skills

Increased Confidence

Limiting Patterns and Beliefs are transformed  

Development of Intuition

Children with Learning Challenges, ADHD, Autism & other "Disorders"

For children with learning challenges including ADHD, Autism (Awe-tism,) other "disorders," or for children who are extremely sensitive or have difficult home situations,  we believe  that the Infinite Child program can be especially helpful. On a spiritual level, these children are here on earth to help us all evolve. By adapting to their needs and communicating on a level that they understand, through our Infinite Light, we can help them develop skills to navigate our physical world.

What Happens During an ICI session?

The session is broken into three parts. A blindfold is worn throughout the session to help the child focus. For children who feel uncomfortable wearing a blindfold or with certain challenges, adaptations are made.

1. Children practice using tools to work with their personal energy as well as release any perceptions or beliefs that may prevent them from utilizing their Infinite Light.  

2. Children work on seeing and drawing images in their mind.

3. Children practice focusing techniques to access their Infinite Light in order to see without physical eyes. 

What is Infinite Light?

Infinite Light refers to the Higher Consciousness, Soul or Divine aspect of our being. Religions and spiritual Traditions all have various names for this Light.  


The Infinite Child  program consists of ten sessions that can be scheduled for individual children or for groups of children. Sessions are an hour in length. The program works best if children come consistently each week and if they practice with the blindfold in between sessions. Additional sessions for tune ups or further development can be scheduled.   

Homework for Parents and Children

One of the most important parts of the program is that children wear the blindfold at home for up to 15 minutes a day. Certain activities will be given such as brush teeth while wearing the blindfold, pet the dog, get dressed, etc. Once a child has progressed,   more advanced activities while wearing the blindfold will be assigned such as reading a book, putting together a puzzle or playing with a ball.  

Parents will be asked to keep a journal or jot down notes of any noticed differences about the child's behavior, school work, relationship with siblings etc.  There may be assignments given such as "speak to your child about your childhood."

How old should a child be to enroll? The optimum age for a child to enroll in ICI is 4 years of age - 12 years of age. Younger children who can read can also be successful.  For children older than 12 or with certain issues  it may take additional sessions to reach the point of reading blindfolded. However, reading blindfolded is not necessary for children to receive the benefits of the ten session program.


For group sessions the cost depends on the number of the children in the group.  A mindfold mask for the child also needs to be  purchased for $20.00 Please inquire as to the cost for individual sessions. Payments may be made by check, cash or credit card payable to Congregation Shirat Shalom.

The Infinite Child Institute is an educational program under the auspices of "Connection to Healing" sponsored by Congregation Shirat Shalom.  

The Infinite Child education program is universal and appropriate for all cultures and religions.  

The Infinite Child methods or sessions are not intended to represent that they are used to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder nor are they intended as substitutes for seeking professional health care advice.

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