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Coyotes in the Neighborhood by Cantor Lee Degani

01 Jun 2015 2:13 PM | Shirat Shalom (Administrator)

From Cantor Lee

My community where I live, Boca Winds, is hurting.  A couple of days ago a sweet little Yorkie named Lola was snatched by a coyote while she was just a few feet away from her human in her own front yard.

Coyotes in Florida? We don't usually hear about this, but yes, they are here. There have actually been sightings of a coyote in our development over the past two months. The homeowner's association hired a trapper for a short period of time which was unsuccessful  and also organized  a meeting tonight to  give all of us more information.

But it is too late for Lola. As my sister has expressed, she can't even process the grief and horror this family is going though. For many of us whether we have pets or not, we are heartbroken for Lola's family!

It is only natural that this incident brings up fear and anger for there is a sense of vulnerability, of feeling  unsafe in our own neighborhoods.  Parents are even expressing their fear in letting their children play outside.  I have been watching and feeling this fear and anger go throughout the community. As someone who is sensitive to energy it is very real! As I drove into Boca Winds last evening, this fear and anger was so strong it felt as though it was smacking my body and then grabbing hold of  my heart  and solar plexus! I haven't felt anything like this energy before in our community! Not even during the hurricanes!

My prayer is that my community comes together not from the place of fear and anger but from a place of peace and support for each other, of listening with open minds whether it is the homeowner's association or each other.  

Easier said than done, the naysayers all say! But we actually have several tools we can use to help ourselves. When we are fearful or angry the blood drains from our brains and we go into a fight or flight response. One of my favorite tools to dissipate this is to hold my fingers on my forehead right above my eyes and concentrate on breathing.  Staying this way for a few minutes brings the blood back to the brain which allows for clear and calm thinking.

I am also holding the vision that my community finds the answers we need to move forward and that we once again feel safe. We may need to change the way we put out our garbage and receive training in a number of methods that "teach" the coyotes that being around humans has negative consequences.  

I am also sending Love from my heart to Lola's family. I am so sorry for your loss! And as for Lola, I know on a higher level,  you sacrificed your life for all of us. We may not be able to fathom this now but I know for me you have helped my heart become even more open. And for this Lola, I thank you! Please know that we will watch out for your beloved humans!   


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